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Did you know muscle burns calories

How often do you skip a workout because you say you don't have time?

We all do it.

However in reality, on some of those days, I'm sure you had 10 - 15 mins at least?

Most people think they have to do an hour of exercise to get results.

That's a huge misconception...

You can do 10 mins per day and still benefit.

It's even more important to keep moving as we age, because our muscles atrophy, meaning they decrease in size.

On top of this, many of us lead sedentary lifestyles.

All these factors lead to less muscle mass on our body.

That's why regular exercise is so important, as it builds muscle mass.

One thing most people don't realise is that muscle tissue burns more calories, (even at rest) than body fat.

With Pilates we work by building strength in time building more muscle, you won’t see any jumping around or any exercises done with incorrect form, less is always more!

With our monthly membership we have made it so that you can book on as many classes required in the month, booking on a class and marking it in your calendar makes you more determined to commit to yourself, attending one class a week will take much longer to attain the results required, although time is always an issue with people, take on board what you have learnt in class and try practice the movements at home at least 15 minutes a day! Commit to being fit and making a stronger happy healthier you


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