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Strong Glutes, Strong back

My clients know they will always get a good glute workout when they attend my classes. It's important we all have a strong well developed butt!! Not just for aesthetics but also for functionality. Many of us sit long hours and because of this our glute muscles get weak. The glutes also play a vital role as part of our core, supporting our back. So it is essential for good back health, to have these muscles well developed and functional. When working the glutes we work, - Glute Medius & Minimus (on the sides of the hip area) - Deep Medial & Lateral Rotators (inside and deep as the name says, and the muscles that turn in & out our legs) - Glute Max (the big butt lifting muscle at the back)

Its important we work the full gluteal area to develop our 🍑 to have it all functional and working to its best, but also because our leggings will thank us for it 😉


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