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What to expect from Pilates

Coming to your first Pilates class May seem a bit scary but do not panic we have all been beginners at some stage, if you are new to pilates please let the instructor know so we can make sure you feel comfortable and get to know the exercises at your level and most importantly have fun whilst learning something new.

If you have any injuries please also make the instructor aware so we can tailor any adaptations to the exercises to suit you.

In Pilates we spend a lot of time in neutral spine this just means not tilting the pelvis forwards or backwards and finding that natural curve to the spine.

Remember to breathe, one of the six principles of Pilates is the breath along with flow, Precision, Concentration, Centring and control.

The exercises come with a specific breath work inhaling through the nose and exhaling the mouth, whilst you may be new to this, just remember to breathe.

With your consent if you are struggling getting a position or technique correct an instructor will offer assistance if you do not want help that’s okay also, we will always check with you before offering to help adjust a position.

If you are new to pilates you may find your flexibility or strength levels to be behind others, it’s all part of the journey every exercise is suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced students, keep at it, Enjoy it and start seeing the results.

If you have never tried one of my mat classes please get in touch and book your space.

See you on the mat


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