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Why should I do pilates

Why should I come to Revival Fitness Pilates,

First and foremost if you have been to pilates before, please note every teacher is different, every teacher comes with different experiences and fitness history.

Why you should try pilates with me,

I am passionate about fitness and wellbeing being a sports massage therapist I have worked with a lot of athletes a lot of injuries and seen and heard a lot.

Technique is at the forefront of my mind when working out as you don’t want to get injured, there is non of the lights are on but nobody’s home workouts here!

You'll stay functionally fit (fit for life) for longer, and I want to be with you for the long haul and see you fall in love with the journey.

You'll learn what good posture feels like and will be able to bring that back to your daily, normal movement, if you are training in different areas of your life take

The Pilates principles with you.

Your strength, balance and flexibility will be challenged meaning that you're better able to live your normal daily life.

You will be calmer and better able to focus, make decisions and remember, Concentration is one of the pilates principles!

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